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Destiny 2: Challenge your friends to take on the Shattered Throne!

The Shattered Throne is a new end-game activity in Destiny 2. It is a three-player activity in which players explore the depths of an unknown planet to defeat its enemies and reclaim their lost power.

Can you play any time, or do you have to wait for a certain weekly reset?

Every week, after defeating Argos, players will be able to run the Shattered Throne as much as they want.

How long does it take to play?

The Shattered Throne is designed for players who have reached the end-game and are looking for an activity that will challenge them.

Players should be prepared to spend around 45 minutes when playing this activity, but we expect that you'll want to bring your friends along and take your time in order to challenge and defeat its enemies.

What do I need to own in order to play the Shattered Throne?

Players will need all previous playthroughs (Curse of Osiris and Warmind) in order to access this new end-game activity.

Players who own Forsaken will be able to join their friends who don't with no problem.

Is there a story involved in the Shattered Throne?

Yes! Players will be working with two members of the Raid team and one of our most beloved characters, Lord Shaxx. They'll need to reclaim some lost power and work together to overcome every obstacle that stands in their way.

Will we see any familiar faces along the way?

Some old enemies will be returning! The Cabal, Taken and Vex are all going to pose a threat in this brand new adventure. We can't wait for players to meet them again on their next journey.

The challenges in this area and how to beat them

This is the first challenge you will encounter. The ground in front of the door to the first battle arena may not appear like much of a threat, however, there are some invisible foes that players will need to defeat before they can move on.

We suggest taking them out one at a time with careful precision and accurate aiming.

This arena has a single, stationary Cabal enemy in the middle of a circular area. Players will be able to stand at the edge and shoot him without too many issues.

The second arena is slightly more difficult as there are two enemies who move around erratically very quickly.

We suggest taking them out one by one with accurate shots from a distance, and using grenades to take out the smaller mobs.

The final arena has a larger enemy that is difficult to hit as well as a lot of surrounding enemies.

We suggest taking out the small ones first with careful precision, and then working your way up to those who can actually put up some resistance against you.

After defeating every enemy inside the arena, a message will appear to let you know your job is complete. Players will be able to open the door and move on to the next challenge!

Rewards for completing these challenges

Players will receive a new shader, emblem and exotic Sparrow for completing this activity.

Challenge the Shattered

The enemies in the Shattered Throne are some of Destiny 2's most powerful and challenging opponents. They're going to be more difficult than any of the enemies we've seen before!

To help prepare your fireteam for this epic fight, we've put together a few tips that will hopefully help you on your journey:

Shoot under them: The secret to defeating most of Destiny 2's enemies is figuring out which part of their body you can actually damage. With most ships and planes, the best place to shoot them will be under their belly since that's where most open areas are located. If they're flying, try hitting them from below when possible!

Don't all rush in: Going all out on a boss or enemy is fun, but going too wild can make you more vulnerable. Try shooting from a distance and avoiding their attacks if possible until your team has the chance to regroup.

Bring your friends: The Shattered Throne is a tough area meant for a fireteam of players who know each other well. It's not designed to be done alone! The more players you have on your team, the easier it will be to take down your enemies and complete all of the challenges.


While it's true players will be able to access the Shattered Throne activity right away, they'll need to complete some tasks first before they can actually take down the bosses. We hope this article has helped you understand what those are and why there is a challenge involved! As always, thanks for reading and we'll see you next time with even more information on Destiny 2.


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